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Mealine S

Mealine S

  • Total Length: 1000mm
  • Total Width: 120mm
  • Total Height: 78mm
  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Inlet sectional area: - 272cm2/m
  • Fall Type: No Fall
  • Loading class: Suitable for passenger cars

Are you seeking a channel for your house and hard-paved areas? One that will allow do-it-yourselfers to install a visually appealing and fully functional solution with ease? If so, all avenues lead to MEALINE S. Because MEALINE S – made from high-quality polymer concrete – was specifically developed to allow installation with the minimum amount of effort. No ponderous preliminary planning is required. All the channels in the system interlock with one another in a self-explanatory way using a tongue and groove design. Excavation work is practically superfluous as the channel bodies have been designed to be extremely compact. Every channel section mates with its own slotted grating in galvanized steel, which naturally has an innovative securing system using snap-in lugs. This guarantees rapid grating removal for any cleaning. The coordinated range of accessories including silt box, dirt trap and end caps for the channel start and end round off the MEALINE S channel system.

Ensor Drain

Ensor Drain

  • 1 metre lengths
  • Interlocking Channels
  • Narrow/slim slot polypropylene grating as standard
  • Galvanised steel, stainless steel and ductile iron gratings also available
  • Integral locking system
  • Better by Design

For many years Ensor-Drain have been successfully fixing surface water drainage problems with their approved polypropylene domestic channel drainage systems.

The Ensor-Drain system, which was specially made to lower installation costs and dramatically reduce maintenance time, is now attainable in a narrow pave slot version.

This simple, yet very functional, narrow pave slot grating is the perfect solution for projects that need inconspicuous drainage and is distincly suitable for every type of paved areas.

Made from from 100% recycled polymer, the interlocking channels are available in 1000mm lengths which are very easy to stock, handle and install. Produced to give substantial stability, slotted gratings are heel-guard pattern as standard and include integral locking along with an anti-shunt feature; the facility for customers to "own brand" the product is also readly available.

Deck a Drain

Deck a Drain

  • Manufactured from long last materials
  • Perfect for patio areas, driveways, pool decks
  • Improved water flow
  • Simple Installation
  • Tight fit against any wall
  • Full range of accessories available

Made from strong, long lasting, non-corrosive PVC, this exclusive drainage system is distinctively made for patio areas, driveways, pool decks and other domestic and light commercial drainage systems - and its newly configured centre channel gives vastly improved water flow.

By removing the need to dig trenches, or provide large excavations, installation is kept as basic as possible, and the flexible Deck-A-Drain is able to deliver as an effective expansion and contraction joint, and if needed it can be used as a screed rail in the final pour.

Deck-A-Drain's™ flat profile gives a snug fit against any wall, and the addition of simple, yet highly effective "clean out" panels allows the quick removal of any dirt or silt..

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